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Provide Caregivers, Companions, Sitters, Home Helpers, CNA's, Nannies, Babysitters, Housekeepers and more. 773-625-8365

Assisting your life at home any where you need service......Since 1996

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FAQ Reliable Home Care Agency in illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin

An First Time Senior Home Care representative is always available to answer questions that you may have regarding our in home senior care.  Our representatives can be reached on 773-625-8365.

A:  First Time Home Care was founded in 1996 and has grown.

A: First Time Home Care currently has serve across Northern Illinois,

Q: What kind of services do you provide?
A:  We provides  live-in or come and go Nannies, Sitters, Caregiver, Companion, CNA's, PCA's, PCT;s, HHA;s, LPN's, Register Nurse, house managers, personal assistants, Cleaning Lady, Handyman Service.

First Time Home Care  is a licensed placement agency by the State of Illinois. We specialize in matching experienced, loving and carrying workers with potential families or facilities.

Q:  How To Set Up Child Care or Elder Care Service ?
A:  The first step is to contact as call 773- 625 8365.
       There is no obligation, and it provides for us to fully explore the care needs for your family member or loved one.
Issues covered include:  Matching the appropriate work, Daily routinesEmergency response, Nutritional issues
                                           Home cleaning issues, Transportation needs, Costs of services, Privacy and confidentiality

A:  Yes. If after the initial assessment, the client or the client's family, friend, or loved one decides to retain First Time Home Care services,
      we will clearly define the Service Agreement. The client will receive an understanding of the services that will be provided as well as a copy of the
      signed Service.

A:  No. If a client wishes to interrupt or terminate the services provided, it is requested that the client give at least one (1) day advance notice.

A:  Yes. It is important to First Time Home Care that bonds and relationships are built. The consistency and continuity of care is the foundation
      for fulfilling these bonds and relationships.

Q: Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?
A: Yes. We encourage your involvement in the decision-making process. We find and match caregivers who are dedicated to your aging loved one’s
      long-term well-being. You must choose a caregiver who are best matched to your needs, the skills, safety, and eliminating confusion.

Q:  Are all your caregivers fully employed?
A:  No

Q: Do you withhold social security, federal, state and local taxes, or am I responsible for those charges?
A:  Caregivers are fully employed by you.

Q:  Do you provide your employees with workers' compensation coverage, in the event they are hurt on the job?

Q:  Are your employees bonded and covered by Professional Liability insurance? 

Q:  Can I change my caregiver? 
A client can request a change to their current caregiver.

The wages 

First Time Home Care can also help negotiate a weekly salary that you pay directly to the worker.

Q:  How live-in care work?
  A live-in caregiver or nannies stays in the home as required.  A Live-in employee shall not be on duty more then 10 hours in 24 hour shift.
      The duty period will include the employee scheduled 8 hour sleeping period and other of duty periods which the employee will have complete
      freedom from his/her duties and which can be used by employee of his/her own purposes.

Q:  How hourly care works?
As you
Q:  How long will it take to find quality Worker?    
From 12-48 hours after the first consultation, we schedule free of charge in home or hospital  interviews.
       The selected individual is ready to start as soon as the client requires it.

Q: Can I always get the same worker?                                                                                                                         
A:   Yes.

Q:  Who pays the worker?
You pay the worker directly.

Client Responsibilities.

1. Advise the agency of any problems or dissatisfaction with the worker.
2. Provide a safe environment for care to be provided.
3. Carry out mutually agreed responsibilities.

  How many potential caregivers/nannies will be available for interview?
After a detailed evaluation of needs and situation of the patient/family, we will determine which independent contractor  will be most qualified
        for this assignment. In many cases we will introduce at least a couple of prospective candidates.

Q:  Is there a supervisor on call after hours?
Supervisor is available 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for questions or concerns.

Q:  What is the placing fee charged by your company?
1 time up front for long term placement.
      First Time Home Care Agency charges a one - time placement fee equal to one week salary, with ninety (90) days guarantee of service
      for full-time live-in or come-go service.
      Part-Time placements – one week of the provider’s salary fee with a minimum charge of $300, with ninety (90) days guarantee of service.
      Temporary placement fee shall be equal to 15% of care specialist gross total compensation package for the full term of employment with client.
      The minimum placement fee for 5-10 days shall be $300
      The minimum placement fee for more then 10 days shall be $500
      Single day, weekend and evenings services will be required for at least 4 hours each day and placements fee will be $30 for each 
 Maximum of  5 days.
      Any  cancellation of services must be made 48 hours in advance.

      Our finder’s fee includes the cost of  arrangement of in home interviews, customer support during and after research process, as well as the 

      unconditional replacement guarantee of 90 days.

      The finder’s fee applies only if you hire our applicant!

      There is no application fee, no search fee, nor any other charges.

Q:  How many hours can we expect a household employee to work?
A:  On average a household employee will work eight to ten hours per day although this is negotiable and should be agreed before commencement of employment. 

Q: Does Medicare pay private in-Home Care services?
Medicare will cover 100% of home health services (i.e. Nursing, Physical Therapy, Home Health Aide, all other therapies, and Medical Social Services) and 80% of the approved amount for Durable Medical Equipment (i.e. wheelchair, hospital bed, walker, glucometer).  Medicaid and some private insurance also cover qualified home health services.

Q:  I have a Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Policy that I would like to use. What should I do?
Because each policy is different, we carefully study your policy to determine what criteria must be met in order to qualify for benefits.

Q: Are clients able to remain at home to the end of life?

Q:  Are you a franchise?
First Time Home Care Agency is proud to be solely owned.

Q:  Ways to Pay for Care

A:  Private-pay:
If you have money saved to pay for care yourself, you will be able to privately pay for care services in your home or in a senior care community.

B:  Long-term Care Insurance:
You may purchase a long-term care insurance policy which does provide payment for care services in a senior’s home or in a nursing facility. Long-term care can be purchased at any age, with pricing connected to your age and health.

C:  Reverse Mortgage:
If you own your home, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage where you will receive a monthly payment which you may use for care services. If your home has significantly increased in value, this may be an option. Reverse mortgages are highly regulated by the government and always include an end date.

Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefit: U.S.A. Veteran’s of a war will qualify for the Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefit which will provide for a private caregiver to assist with care needs in the home.

E:  Medicaid: Low-income seniors with few assets (usually around $2,000.00), qualify for Medicaid insurance (this kicks in for Medicare – some refer to it as “welfare for seniors). This program is administered by each state and because of this the qualifications and benefits vary by state.

Q: And what do you do if you have no money at all, except for your monthly Social Security check?

   Well, the interesting answer is, the U.S. government will provide you with admission in a nursing home, at no cost to you, via the Medicaid program.  But this is welfare-for-seniors and managed by each state. Usually you cannot own a home and may have no more than $2,000 in assets. You can no longer give your assets away to go on this free program as now Uncle Sam has a "look back" law.  At the same time, most seniors probably don't want to be at the mercy of the government's care unless it is a must.

For enrollment in the Home Delivered Meal program, please contact the Case Management Department directly at 312.744.4016.

Some of the resources and information available include housing assistance, nursing home lists, financial assistance, health benefits, energy assistance programs, Circuit Breaker, LIHEAP, Medicare, Medicaid, Senior Citizen Property Tax Assessment Freeze Exemption and Social Security. Benefits available to persons 60 and older.  Illinois Department on Aging:

    Senior Transportation Programs  Door-to-Door Service
A:  To apply for the ADA para-transit program, please call 312.663.4357.

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The mission of First Time Home Care in
Illinois is to provide high quality of comprehensive healthcare service to our patients, through a coordinated plan of care. Frequently Asked Questions: Care for the Elderly, In-Home Care, Senior Care Services